Functional Yoga Therapy Mentoring


1) IP_FunctionalYogaTherapyMentoring2017: Document that outlines the details and timing of the assignment.

2) Consideration & Issues: Maria’s presentation for the first conference call.

3) Functional Yoga Therapy Process: Slides that review Maria’s framework/process.

4) Structuring the Functional Yoga Therapy Session document: Overview to help guide your work.

5) What is Functional Yoga Therapy document: The 4 categories that Maria has used for several years related to Functional Yoga Therapy. Good overview/guidance.

6) Client Intake Form (pdf): This is a template, you may choose to use it as is or tailor it to meet your needs better. MS Word Format

7) The Postural Assessment Form: To guide your postural assessment and collect information.

8) Muscular Imbalances & Asana document: a good CHEAT SHEET for after postural assessment.

9) Client case study template: to assist you in writing up your two case studies. You will receive feedback on both, but only one will be presented at the end.

10) Online Quiz. To test your knowledge after the June 19th con call.

11) Conference Call Recordings:

June 19th Kickoff with Michele

June 22nd Call with Maria

Aug 24 Group Case Study Presentation Call

Aug 25 Group Case Study Presentation Call