Inner Peace Yoga Therapy


Our July, 2015 Level 2 Applied Yoga Therapy Training program will be held at Kelly Place, a retreat center located on an archaeological preserve in beautiful McElmo Canyon, bordering Canyons of the Ancients National Monument about 1 hour outside Durango, Colorado. Nestled between the red-rock canyons and the majestic Sleeping Ute Mountain, the retreat center was created an “oasis on the edge of the desert” with orchards, gardens and courtyards among ancient Indian ruins.

For those traveling from outside of the region, there is a small airport in Cortez, CO (approx 15 minute drive) served by Great Lakes airlines and a larger airport in Durango, CO (approx 1 hour drive), served by United, US Airways and American Airlines. We will provide you with recommendations for affordable ground transportation. To drive to Kelly Place from Denver, CO is approx 7 hours; to drive from Albuquerque, NM is approx 5.5 hours; to drive from Santa Fe, NM is approx 4.5 hours; to drive from Salt Lake City, UT is approx 6 hours. Visit the center’s website to get maps of the region.

Session Dates: July 21-31, 2015
Visit Kelly Place’s website to learn more about the facilities.

Accommodation choices & fees are as follows, for all 10 days of the training:
□ Private room — $1,000 (includes meals, limited availability)
□ Shared accommodations — $860 (2-4 people per room, includes meals)


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