Distance Learning

Full Lotus: Building a Thriving Yoga Therapy Business (12 hours/Basic 18 hours/VIP)

Full Lotus is designed to enhance your business skills (as opposed to your teaching skills). It’s perfect for people who want support, strategy, and tools to start their yoga business or take it to the next level. Whether youre trying to get your first private client, want insider tips on how to connect with your local medical community, or are trying to develop your own online offerings, Full Lotus will help you break through your business plateaus.

Modules are released one per week, with two implementation weeks built into the schedule. The implementation weeks are designed to help you stay on track with the course and refine what you’re learning. You are welcome to take the course at the basic level or VIP package which includes three live Q A calls with Laura and two bonus webinars, Yoga for Trauma and Yoga for Healthy Backs. Either level will suffice for IPYT Yoga Therapy Certification.

Module One: Start Where You Are
Module Two: Finding Your Niche
Implementation week with Q A call (for VIPs)
Module Three: What Are You Selling?
Module Four: Local Networking
Implementation week with Q A call (for VIPs)
Module Five: Your Website
Module Six: Online Marketing, with Q A call (for VIPs)

Although you are encouraged to work through the modules during the time frame above, you can absolutely work at your own pace; you will have ongoing access to the course modules beyond the eight-week time frame. You will get out of this course exactly what you put into it! Action + commitment = results.

Ethics for the Yoga Therapist & Building Your Practice (8 hours)

This course will enable students to understand the professional standards, guidelines and codes of ethics that are standards of practice for licensed healthcare professionals. It will also outline general guidelines of building ones practice, developing therapeutic alliances and understanding ones scope of work. Additional topics include:
defining ones role as a yoga therapist, understanding what ones role is as well as what it is not;
an overview of cultural issues that are part of working with specific populations, such as the military and homeless populations;
developing a therapeutic relationship/alliance and establishing a container of safety to include boundary issues in therapeutic work;
gaining understanding of the ethical guidelines for working with both groups and individuals including areas such as confidentiality, legal responsibility, scope of practice, that are the standards held by healthcare professionals;
learning the principles of working effectively in conjunction with other health care professionals;
establishing ones own support network for ongoing supervision; and
establishing a practice as a yoga therapist