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Full Lotus: Building a Thriving Yoga Therapy Business (12 hours/Basic 18 hours/VIP)

Full Lotus is a go-at-your-own pace, comprehensive offering for yoga therapists and specialty yoga teachers who want a more stable, successful, and impactful career.

**Inner Peace students and alumni receive a $200 discount on the course. Once you have decided to register, please email to receive your discount code.


The course includes:
20 video lessons
Action sheets to immediately begin implementing what you learn
Bonus resources and interviews from industry experts
Lifetime access to the content
Private Facebook group for support and community
The tools you need to reach more people, earn a better living, and actually enjoy running your yoga business.

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If any of these sound familiar, Full Lotus might be exactly what you need:
➔ You’re new to teaching and lack confidence to put yourself out there.
➔ You’re uncomfortable charging what you’re worth or raising prices.
➔ You’ve hit an income plateau and don’t know how to move past it.
➔ Marketing makes you feel stressed or overwhelmed.
➔ You want to connect with medical professionals but don’t know how.
➔ Your town is already saturated with yoga teachers.
➔ You want to create online offerings but aren’t sure where to start.
➔ You want to reach more people and have a bigger impact.
➔ Running your business feels draining; you want it to be easier!
➔ Everything is “fine,” but you have a bigger dream that you need help


I loved all aspects of this course. It covered all the areas I need to move forward in my business and was presented in a very clear, well structured format. The follow up worksheets really grounded the experience of each module into action for me. There was so much rich material and support to draw from and be inspired by. I look forward to diving in even deeper as I move forward in my business.

Whether you’re trying to get your first private client or you want to travel the world leading workshops and trainings, the lessons you learn in Full Lotus will help you approach your business with a sense of purpose, authenticity, and intelligence.

The course is designed and led by IPYT faculty member, Laura Kupperman, who has had a long and successful career as a yoga teacher and yoga therapist. She has also been a Career & Business coach since 1999.

If you have any questions about the course please contact Laura directly


Ethics for the Yoga Therapist & Building Your Practice (8 hours)

This course will enable students to understand the professional standards, guidelines and codes of ethics that are standards of practice for licensed healthcare professionals. It will also outline general guidelines of building one’s practice, developing therapeutic alliances and understanding one’s scope of work. Additional topics include:
– defining one’s role as a yoga therapist, understanding what one’s role is as well as what it is not;
– an overview of cultural issues that are part of working with specific populations, such as the military and homeless populations;
– developing a therapeutic relationship/alliance and establishing a container of safety to include boundary issues in therapeutic work;
– gaining understanding of the ethical guidelines for working with both groups and individuals including areas such as confidentiality, legal responsibility, scope of practice, that are the standards held by healthcare professionals;
– learning the principles of working effectively in conjunction with other health care professionals;
– establishing one’s own support network for ongoing supervision; and
– establishing a practice as a yoga therapist


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