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Distance Learning

Our distance learning courses will be delivered in order to make the experience as similar to the classroom as possible. This means there are the usual components of learners attending the training, a live instructor presenting the materials; break out rooms, course notes and joining instructions. The subject-matter we have chosen for our distance learning courses are also conducive for delivery in this format.

The Business of Yoga Therapy (6 hours)
This course will enable students to get the business basics and learn best practices for running your yoga therapy business, marketing and selling yourself as a yoga therapist, setting goals and pricing. This course meets in 6 one-hour modules. Learning objectives include:

Module 1 – A Framework for Running Your Business
– Why you should treat teaching yoga as a business
– Barriers & resistance to the above; why it’s okay to make a good living!
– Why it’s important to have a framework for running your business
– A simple framework for yoga therapy businesses

Module 2 – Your Niche: Who You Are & What You’re Selling
– Why it’s important to have a niche
– Choosing your niche
– Committing to your niche
– Understanding the problem you are solving, and what you are really selling

Module 3 – Setting Your Revenue Goal
– Different types of revenue
– Identifying all possible revenue streams
– Identifying your customer
– Goal setting: 6 mo., 1 yr., 2yr.

Module 4 – Marketing: Communicating Your Message
– Understanding benefits, features, advantages
– Crafting your message
– How and where to spread the word
– Three primary marketing arms
– You are always “selling,” so get comfortable with it!

Module 5 – Getting Technical
– Importance of list building
– Facebook, Newsletters, Instagram, Website, Twitter, LinkedIn

Module 6 – Pricing & Revenue Goal Revision
– Are you undervaluing yourself?
– How to price all your offerings
– Revenue goal revision
– Importance of delivering knock-out service and generating a loyal following

Ethics for the Yoga Therapist & Building Your Practice (9 hours)

This course will enable students to understand the professional standards, guidelines and codes of ethics that are standards of practice for licensed healthcare professionals. It will also outline general guidelines of building one’s practice, developing therapeutic alliances and understanding one’s scope of work. Additional topics include:
– defining one’s role as a yoga therapist, understanding what one’s role is as well as what it is not;
– an overview of cultural issues that are part of working with specific populations, such as the military and homeless populations;
– developing a therapeutic relationship/alliance and establishing a container of safety to include boundary issues in therapeutic work;
– gaining understanding of the ethical guidelines for working with both groups and individuals including areas such as confidentiality, legal responsibility, scope of practice, that are the standards held by healthcare professionals;
– learning the principles of working effectively in conjunction with other health care professionals;
– establishing one’s own support network for ongoing supervision; and
– establishing a practice as a yoga therapist


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