Inner Peace Yoga Therapy

Mentorship & Practicum

Our professional mentorship program enables students to put into action the knowledge they gained and get direct feedback on client work, therapeutic classes, research projects and more. It is designed to enable students to pave the way to becoming skilled yoga therapists. Mentorship is also supportive tool to enrich the learning experience, and begins once students have completed our Level 1 Foundations in Yoga Therapy Course.

During their time in this program, students will complete the following:
– meet virtually with their assigned mentor to understand the requirements of the assignment,
– develop intake and appropriate planning,
– review assigned coursework
– gain feedback on case studies and client assessments.

There is also an opportunity for group collaboration and sharing to debrief lessons learned. The 185 hours of this 2 year mentorship program includes 50 contact and 135 non-contact hours and follows a format as follows:
– Refresher and review with quiz on content topic of study (Group video conferencing with online quiz)
– Review assignment to plan/conduct 4-week group class or minimum of 4 private sessions. (Group video conferencing with written handout of assignment)
– Develop plan (Student development of plan to complete assignment)
– Review Plan (1:1 with mentor via phone/Skype)
– Implement privates/group classes (Student implementation of assignment)
– Feedback (Written feedback via email from mentor to student)
– Review Feedback (1:1 with mentor via phone/Skype)
– Group lessons learned (Group video conferencing)

Every 2-3 months, students are assigned a new topic based upon content they learned in the Level 1 course. Topics include the following:
– Functional Yoga Therapy
– Yoga for Cancer
– Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy
– Yoga for Chronic Pain
– Yoga for Mood Management
– Final Practicum on topic of student’s choice

Course Fee: $1250.


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