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We educate yoga teachers and health professionals to apply the teachings and practices of yoga for client empowerment and healing.

Did you know a Yoga Teacher can become a Yoga Therapist?

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Do you remember...

The moment when you realized that you wanted to become a yoga teacher?

It’s a special one, and it’s usually the result of experiencing a personal transformation through the practice – something that you hope to help others achieve in their own way by sharing yoga with them.

Whether you are a new teacher or have been guiding others for years, I can assure you that you have accomplished that goal in one way or another… but maybe it still feels like something is missing.

Between running around to teach at various locations and exhausting yourself teaching as much as you can to make ends meet, it makes sense to start questioning if teaching yoga is a viable career in the long run.

The truth is, it is.

But there is another more financially and personally rewarding way to share yoga beyond teaching as many classes, workshops, and trainings as possible. There’s also a real demand for the therapeutic support that yoga provides out there, and you can be the one to share it through yoga therapy.

Take the first step towards becoming a Yoga Therapist

Level 1: Foundations in Yoga Therapy

This is the first course in our 800-hour accredited Yoga Therapy Certification Program. This in-person and virtual/online course is designed to introduce you to the vast field of yoga therapy, overview the teachings and philosophies of the yoga tradition and their relevance and application to yoga therapy. Students can opt to take this course as part of their certification path or as a stand alone advanced 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training course.

What it's like to be a student at Inner Peace Yoga Therapy



You can expect to become a part of a community of passionate yoga professionals who are dedicated to learning and practicing.

Immersive Learning

Each module includes meditation and asana practice, lecture, application, practice, discussion and observation.

Expert Teachers

Learn from a group of renowned leaders who are committed to the path of Yoga Therapy.


Practical and Integrative

With time to integrate and apply what you’d learned between each module, you’ll avoid overwhelm and retain what you’ve learned.
Your new career is in reach! Start with our

Foundations in Yoga Therapy Program

It offers 300 hours worth of yoga training, and gives you a strong understanding of how yoga can be applied in a therapeutic context. It starts you on your path to Professional Yoga Therapy Certification. And, if you are not already an RYT 500 you can achieve this designation upon completion of this Foundations course.

Take the next step in your yoga career.


Hear from Inner Peace Yoga Therapy students about their experiences

Inner Peace Yoga Therapy has been a wonderful, supportive experience in my journey to become a yoga therapist. The instructors are at a high caliber and highly knowledgeable in the field of yoga therapy. I am so happy I chose Inner Peace Yoga Therapy to be my school of choice.
Janet Liu
Informative, inclusive, and amazing. I learned so much!
Cherish Muzik
The Inner Peace Yoga Therapy training program elevated my understanding of yoga, therapeutic offerings, and myself as a person and a teacher to a level I never imagined I'd reach. It helped me become confident in my ability to hold healing space for my students and private clients, and brought me new lifelong friends who are on the same teaching path. Michele and the wonderful faculty she has recruited offer a high level of wisdom and compassionate instruction, and teachers leave the program with so many tools to utilize and offer to others. I am so grateful I found the training and can't recommend it highly enough.
Katie Pine

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