Breath, Yoga & Long COVID with Robin Rothenberg

In this episode, I interviewed Robin Rothenberg. Robin is a Yoga Therapist and the Program Director of Essential Yoga Therapy Therapist Training. Since as early as summer 2020, her Long-COVID presentation at the Global Yoga Therapy Conference established her place as a thought-leader in the field. She was a co-organizer for the acclaimed Wellness After COVID Symposium in 2021, which brought together top researchers, medical professionals, and policy makers from around the world in support of the efficacy of therapeutic yoga post-COVID. Her four-part series for those living with Long-COVID has consistently been one of the most popular courses offered through the Give Back Yoga/IAYT Long-COVID Initiative. Currently, she is offering a Continuing Ed. forum for IAYT, illuminating over four-consecutive sessions with a client, her unique approach to addressing symptoms associated with the condition. Additionally, Robin works as a consultant for a Long-COVID research team in the U.K. as the head yoga therapist charged with co- designing the intervention.  We spoke about these topics and more on the podcast.

Link: Robin’s upcoming course on Therapeutic Yoga for Long-COVID