Chinnamasta Stiles

Chinnamasta (C-IAYT, NAMA-CAYT, LMT, PCPN-AC, JYOTISHA), is the Director of  Shiva Shakti Loka in Collioure, France. With more than 30 years of experience, she is a Teacher and Vedic Counselor in multi-dimensional health for people from all walks of life and in all stages of life. Chinnamasta started her professional life as an Intensive Care pediatric nurse, developing the skill to observe and interpret what the children weren’t able to verbalize. This continues to serve her today in understanding beyond what her clients are capable of seeing or telling.


After 12 years, she felt a strong calling to move into holistic healing. Over the next 30 years she studied Yoga & Tantra, Jyotisha, and Āyurveda. While Western medicine taught her how to work with the physical structure, Eastern medicine deepened her understanding of how to help people gracefully deal with difficulty, prevent illness, and live a joyful life. By blending these two modalities, Chinnamasta guides her students and clients in how to become the masters of their own health and healing, leading to a purposeful life of deep contentment connected to the Self.

She feels passionate about collective care and causes that focus on humanitarian support. This flame was ignited through her own pain, making her a more compassionate person with a deep longing for others to be happy and free. Her professional and personal life has always been one of continued study and deepening her understanding of the body, mind and Spirit through the Vedas.

Chinnamasta immigrated to the USA in 2009 and spent fifteen years in California expanding in her professional career and personal life path. Together with her Beloved, Mukunda Stiles, Chinnamasta taught the ancient trinity of Yoga, Āyurveda and Tantra in the U.S., Europe, and India. Their teachings spread the insights and knowledge that fill the pages of his books: Structural Yoga Therapy, Āyurvedic Yoga Therapy, Tantra Yoga Secrets and the Sūtra’s of Patañjali as interpreted by Mukunda Stiles.  Chinnamasta edited Tantra Yoga Secrets, and wrote a chapter on Structural and Āyurvedic Yoga Therapy in the new comprehensive book Yoga Therapy and Integrative Medicine.

What started as a ‘love quest’ new life chapter with Mukunda, turned into a deeply personal, unexpected and profound understanding of dying. The four year process of nursing her beloved through his chronic illness, made her understand the three important things we learn through life: surviving, thriving and letting go.

After Mukunda left his physical body February 18, 2014, Chinnamasta expanded in her professional career as an international āyurvedic yoga therapy faculty teacher and Vedic counselor. 

As she is becoming older, her vision of a meaningful life is simplifying. There is sheer joy in the experience of no longer feeling the need to perform, or perfect anything. Yet to know that you are already there. That, to her is living yoga.
She has arrived at a point in life where it is natural and fulfilling to take on the role of a Vedic counselor and pass on her experience. She loves guiding those who are on a quest of becoming and expressing their authentic self,  who are finding their way while building their career, love life and have children. She has been studying  and emerging herself in the sādhanā of Jyotisha since 2018. She is in awe how this science, wisdom and intuitive Jyotisha Shastra weaves so beautifully with yoga, āyurveda and tantra as a full rounded approach when she counsels her clients.

July 2023 she decided it was time to go back home, initiate a new life chapter, and realize a longtime dream of living at the ocean in the South of France.

She continues to teach across the U.S, Europe and India both within the faculty of Inner Peace Yoga Therapy, as well as through her own Professional Trilogy Teaching Program modules.  She also mentors yoga therapists during monthly sessions to elevate their own sādhanā, counsel them in dealing with their life challenges, building their career and guiding their clients.