Equal Access to Yoga with Anjali Rao

In this episode, I interviewed Anjali Rao. Anjali (she/her) is a Yoga educator who offers a critical lens into the teachings of yoga in service to the challenges of the times we live in. Her work offers insight into the Yoga stories and histories that have been obscured by heteropatriarchy and colonization . She brings an intersectional lens in integrating yoga philosophy and history, with storytelling, imagery and poetry.  She is an Indian American immigrant, a cancer survivor and believes that a dedicated practice of yoga in all its expansiveness can alchemize and heal the world by creating ripples of change within and around us.  She is an aspiring writer,  President of the Board of Directors of Accessible Yoga, an international non profit organization dedicated to sharing the teachings and benefits of yoga with those who have been marginalized. On the podcast we dove into some of her work and put a spotlight on October’s upcoming Accessible Yoga Conference.

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