Equity, Access, and Giving Back with Inner Peace Yoga Therapy

In this episode we talked about equity and access programs, specifically at our school, Inner Peace Yoga Therapy. Joining Michele Lawrence on the podcast were four students in our program:  Erica Bentley, Fernie Tiflis, Wendolyne Omana and Olivia Roberson. Michele shared information about Inner Peace’s scholarship and grant programs. Wendolyne and Olivia shared about the grants they received and the recent community yoga projects they have implemented or are working toward as a result.

For those who wish to support the projects mentioned on this podcast, you can do so by following these links.

  • Donate to Inner Peace Yoga Therapy equity and access programs directly at Give Back Yoga, selecting Inner Peace under the designation.
  • Donate to  Wendolyne’s project  directly at wendolyneomana.com
  • Donate to Olivia’s project directly at ironwolfrecovery.org.