Functional Yoga Therapy with Maria Mendola

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In this episode I had the opportunity to interview the creator of Functional Yoga Therapy, Maria Mendola. We spoke about her own journey of healing through serious injury, the teachers who helped inform her methodology and the work she is doing with clients today.

The Five Koshas in Yoga Therapy

by Bryana Cook Yoga is a holistic practice: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. Generally, asanas (physical yoga postures) help release physical discomfort, pranayama (breathing techniques) …

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Yoga and the Journey of the Self with Indu Arora

In this episode of This is Yoga Therapy, I had the opportunity to interview yoga teacher, yoga therapist and Ayurvedic Practitioner Indu Arora. We spoke …

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Power of [virtual] community by Michele Lawrence

Last weekend I had the honor of witnessing 25 individuals complete an intensive 8-month, 300-hour yoga therapy training. I’ve witnessed many of these closings over …

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