Scholarship Program

Making yoga therapy training more affordable for individuals who need financial support.

Our Scholarship Program

Inner Peace Yoga Therapy is committed to minimizing barriers around yoga and yoga therapy, including the education of aspiring yoga therapists.  In partnership with Give Back Yoga Foundation, 501(c)3, we have created a scholarship program to provide tuition assistance to individuals from communities who are systemically oppressed and/or excluded from academic opportunities.

Who can apply? Is this scholarship for me?
While this scholarship program is open to all who wish to apply, priority will be given to those who are of historically marginalized communities such as Black, Native/Indigenous, People of Color and LGBTQI+. To help you determine this, can you answer yes to 4 or more of the following?

  • I identify as being of a systemically oppressed community.
  • I have historically been excluded from yoga, wellness, and mental health spaces.
  • I am financially responsible for a person/people other than myself, ie supporting other or additional family members.
  • I am involuntarily unemployed,  underemployed, or have to work multiple jobs to meet my basic needs.
  • I am a single parent living with one income.
  • I have debt which sometimes or regularly prohibits me from meeting my daily basic needs.
  • I qualify for government assistance including food stamps and health care. Or, I would qualify but am denied based on a legal record or citizenship status.
  • I have no savings or financial back-up plan.
  • I have unstable housing or am unhoused.
If you can answer yes to 5 or more of the following, this scholarship is probably not for you:
  • I own or make mortgage payments on a home, land, or investment property.
  • I attended private education, or have an advanced degree.
  • I can meet my daily basic needs comfortably without going into debt.
  • I am able to do things like dine out or go to a movie without worrying about going into debt or compromising my basic needs.
  • I am employed or do not need to work multiple jobs to meet my basic needs.
  • My organization covers professional development expenses.
  • My bills or credit cards are on autopay.
  • I have access to and can afford healthcare services, including mental health.
  • I have no debt or I do, but still have disposable income.
  • I have a safety net of “financially stable” people in my life- such as a spouse, parent or other family member- that I can turn to in an emergency. 

When can I apply?
Applications may be submitted between January 4 – March 4 and again April 30 – June 30.  Scholarships will be awarded twice per calendar year: in March and in July. Applicants can expect notice of a decision for the January 4 – March 4 applications by March 31 and for the April 30 – June 30 applications by July 31.

How can I apply?

  1. When you are ready, complete the Student Application Form for acceptance into the Inner Peace Yoga Therapy program. (You are not required to pay any deposit at that time. When you submit this application via email, please indicate that you will be applying for financial scholarship.)
  2. Please then complete and submit the Scholarship Application Form within 48 hours.

How much can I ask for?
Individuals may self-select to request any dollar amount from $250-$4,900.  Amounts awarded will pend on the number and need of applicants each semi-annual cycle. Scholarships are awarded for tuition-only assistance (not lodging, travel, books, or other materials.) Although they are welcome to apply each cycle, students may qualify to receive a maximum of $4,900 per year. Students who are awarded a scholarship must use the scholarship within 1 year from their award date.

If I have questions or special circumstances, may I contact you?
Yes, please email and put “Scholarship” on the subject line. If you would like to make a donation, please click on the button below.