Kim Youngren

Kim Youngren is a certified Yoga Therapist and an Accessible Yoga Teacher, as well as an Ayurvedic Nutrition Counselor in training.  Through her own healing path she was personally shown the many benefits of yoga.  Utilizing a holistic approach, Kim helps individuals in her private practice remember their mind, body and spirit connection; thus, empowering them to radiate their inner light and beauty and find ease in life.  She also brings Ayurvedic lifestyle and nutrition together to help one create an even deeper personal health and growth.  Kim’s focus is working one-one one with individuals, both in-person and tele-health, in the areas of aging, neurological disorders, cancer, anxiety, depression and trauma.  She is currently developing a set of cooking videos that will include lessons on seasonal healthy eating.  Living in Boulder, CO she finds the most joy being in nature with the ones she loves. Her work and dedication are fueled by love.