Level 2

Level 2 Training Applied Yoga Therapy

This 100-hour Level 2 Applied Yoga Therapy course is designed to build upon the knowledge and understanding gained from the Level 1 Foundations in Yoga Therapy course and to continue to deepen your knowledge on your path to become a yoga therapist. There are 2 main themes to this training: 1) cultivating your own presence as a healer and 2) applied ayurvedic studies. The deep exploration of what it takes to move from teacher to healer will set the context of practicing yoga therapy in a new and different light.
Upcoming Trainings:
July 1-11, 2019, outside Durango, CO


Shanti Shanti Kaur Khalsa
Jai Dev Singh

Course Outcomes:

By the end of this course, you should have understood, completed or demonstrated the following:
The capacity to heal through your presence
Your Radiant, Subtle, Pranic and Auric bodies in relationship to breath and healing
The fundamental principals of Ayurveda, the Tri-Dosha theory, Ayurvedic anatomy and physiology
The concepts of disease management from an Ayurvedic perspective
The application of nutrition and diet as a prescription for health and balance


Pre-requisites for entry into the program include:
Completion of the Level 1 Foundations in Yoga Therapy Course

Class Format:

The course is held as a 10-day residential program. Each day is divided into segments, including: meditation asana practice, lecture, application, practice, discussion and observation. Students are expected to participate.

Course Requirements:

Students are required to participate in class discussions, to work in groups and present client case studies.

Attendance Policy:

Students must attend the entire 10 days, arrive on time for each class, and stay until the course ends. Absence may result in a student being dropped from the class.


$1500. Tuition does not include accommodations meals. Please see our location pages for accommodation choices and fees.