The Namaste Effect with Nischala Joy Devi

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In this podcast episode I had the honor of interviewing the great Nischala Joy Devi. We talked about her early days as a yogini, the evolving field of yoga therapy, women in yoga, and her new book —  the Namaste Effect.

Chronic Pain: Using Yoga to Retrain the Brain

by Sarah Cummins Anyone who has lived with chronic pain has experienced a seemingly endless quest to find out the cause of the pain, leaving …

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“Spiritually, these are not … fulfilling times”

I’m tuned to listen to anything Michelle Obama has to say.  And today I read that she said, “Spiritually, these are not … fulfilling times,” In …

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A Doctor’s East/West Journey Through Cancer with Dr. Timothy McCall

In this podcast episode, I interviewed M.D. and author Timothy McCall. We discussed how he defines yoga therapy, we reviewed his SNAPS model for client …

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