Student Stories


As a yoga studio owner and teacher for nine years, I had been looking for a yoga therapy program that fit my needs and interests for many years. I knew immediately when I found the Inner Peace program that this would be the one. The program’s diverse faculty, strong curriculum, affordability and accessibility made it unique, and the course of study exceeded my expectations.

Becky Crigger

I was drawn to the Inner Peace program because it gave me the opportunity to study with a number of teachers whose work I was familiar with and wanted to learn more about. It brought all these teachers together in one place so that I could sample a number of areas in a relatively short span of time. This training will enable me to open a unique practice that excites me and that does not presently exist in my city. The Inner Peace program is very well organized and the quality of the teaching is outstanding! I’m really happy I did it!

Jennifer Parker

Inner Peace Yoga Therapy is one of the very best schools of its kind. The whole training process was extremely well organized, and I felt very supported by both the Inner Peace staff and my fellow students before, during, and after completing the program. The curriculum was diverse and taught by highly experienced professionals. I feel proud to have graduated from one of the first schools accredited by IAYT.

Michelle Fletcher

The Inner Peace Yoga Therapy certification program was one of the best professional experiences of my life. With a solid science base, the training remains true to yoga diversity and tradition, and maintains balance with so much heart! The instructors were world class without exception. I practice yoga therapy with a psychiatrist in an integrated setting located in South Carolina. The Inner Peace training prepared me to take this step in my professional path. I would recommend the training to anyone who feels ready to practice yoga therapy professionally.

Robin Travers

“The Yoga Therapy program with Inner Peace was personally and professionally life changing for me. The format is exceptional, and gave me the opportunity to learn from some of the most respected teachers in the world.”

Katlin R

I had been drawn to teaching yoga in a 1-1 setting and knew that Yoga Therapy would be the path to take in order to further my knowledge and best take care of my clients. I chose Inner Peace Yoga Therapy because of the teachers and the variety in the course work. The way that Inner Peace carefully sets up each training is harmonious. It is as if one teaching adds to the next. As I stay connected with the training, I can see how it is evolving to meet the needs of the current climate and staying relevant in the field of Yoga Therapy. I always say that I wish I could relive the experience of the Inner Peace training again and again. It was life-changing. The teachings, my teachers and fellow cohorts are always close to my heart as I continue to grow in my work and my own life. I am forever grateful to be a Yoga Therapist and to Inner Peace for equipping me to apply the practice of Yoga to meet the needs of my clients coping with anxiety, depression, grief, chronic pain, and overall seeking wellbeing. As I write this, I feel so blessed. Thank you to Inner Peace and all my teachers!

Amy Gaster