First coffee, then meditate by Michele Lawrence

At Inner Peace Yoga Therapy we place a lot of emphasis on personal practice, understanding that it is only when we first practice ourselves that we can we share it with others. And there are a lot of different ways to practice, but there is often mystique and even bias around what one’s daily personal practice (or practices) “should” look like. I’m of the mindset that the best practice is the one that supports you and that you actually do. Consistently.

Over the years I’ve experimented a lot, my life has changed, and, um, I’ve aged a bit. Sound familiar? Similarly, my practices have shifted, grown, changed, and adapted. And while I still love a physical asana practice, I still can so immediately regulate with breathwork, and my day would not be complete without a walk in nature, I’ve also found a sense of calm, inner stability and more present moment awareness by adding in a daily meditation practice.

To the outside observer, my meditation spot is nothing special – a simple altar in a room that others enter and exit all day long. But to me it’s special and sacred, and I’ve chosen a time to meditate when no one else is yet awake. I place my rug, light the candles find my comfort, put on my headphones, and listen to a guided meditation. One of the comforts I keep nearby is my morning cup of coffee. I take a few sips and then let the cup sit there beside me at my space where I meditate.

There was a time when I would be embarrassed to admit this, as if acknowledging that a) I listen to guided meditations and b) I drink coffee or took a few sips before meditating was “not good enough” in some way. But back then I opted for embracing those self-limiting beliefs rather than actually meditating. Now I’ve come to love my morning meditation time, and what it offers to the rest of my day. (Incidentally, I also love the art of coffee making and the ritual that I’ve put around it.) The practices I choose to do each day meet me where I’m at and therefore I do them and in turn they help me.

Sometimes starting something can be the hardest. We want to meditate, we want to do yoga, the list goes on. But our beliefs about what it “should” look like can prevent us from doing anything at all. Great advice from one of my teachers sticks with me…A little goes a long way and something is better than nothing.

Maybe you’re drawn to start a meditation practice because you’ve heard of the benefits it offers but you don’t know where to begin. We’d love to offer you an opportunity to come together and learn a bit more about meditation and a possible approach that might work for you. And you get to learn directly from Joseph LePage who has so much wisdom to share through his years of dedication and experience. In this 2 hour workshop, Joseph will invite us to experience meditation through the 5 koshas – or the various layers of our being.

Here are the details, and registration info. I look forward to joining you.

Reflections on Meditation with Joseph LePage

A live virtual workshop

Sunday August 28th, 1:00-3:00pm MT*

Cost: $40

>> Register here

*recording available for those who cannot attend live.