Yoga Therapy Demystified

A 24-hour online course to help experienced yoga teachers and yoga therapists reach new audiences, get the most out of private sessions and work with professionals in other related fields.

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Each module contains 3 to 6 1-hour lessons. Some of the lessons include guest teachers and experts on the topic. Each module is accompanied by worksheets and handouts to put into action what you learned.

Module 1: Foundations

Understand what yoga therapy is, learn the fundamental principles that guide the therapeutic relationship and grasp the importance of the Kosha model in Yoga Therapy.​

Module 2: Anatomy of a Session​​

Find out how to structure the Yoga Therapy session, how to conduct intake and assessment with clients and develop appropriate treatment plans.​

Module 3: The Professional Yoga Therapist​​

Explore how to effectively manage clients and take notes, teach group yoga therapy classes, understand considerations for providing yoga therapy in the client’s home, effectively work with medical professionals, utilize telemedicine for virtual yoga therapy and create a client contract.​

Module 4: Amplify Your Impact ​​

Discover ways to seek grants and funding for your work, obtain referrals and discover ways in which you can create a niche. Finally, you will learn how to access relevant research which is important for validating your work with certain audiences.​

This course is approved as an IAYT Approved Professional Development (APD) Continuing Education Course for C-IAYTs.

Program Cost: $497