Pain Care Yoga with Neil Pearson

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In this podcast episode, I interviewed author and educator Neil Pearson. We talked about the science of pain, the brain and pain and why yoga is a good platform for treating the person in pain.

The Four Principles for Yoga Therapy

The Four Principles for Yoga Therapy At times we feel like we know exactly what to do with a client.  Everything just clicks. At other …

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Global Grief During the Coronavirus with Antonio Sausys

In this episode, I again interviewed Antonio Sausys, somatic psychologist and yoga therapist specializing in grief counseling and grief therapy. We focused our conversation about …

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Cultural Appropriation & Yoga Therapy with Indu Arora

The topic for today’s conversation is cultural appropriation & yoga, with a specific lens on yoga therapy. We’re going to talk about the roots of …

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