Spirituality and Yoga Therapy with Lee Majewski

Lee Majewski

In this episode, I interviewed Lee Majewski. Lee is a yoga therapist, an author, and founding director of Yoga for Health Institute, a non-profit organization located in Toronto, Canada. She is also a visiting Senior Yoga Therapist at Kaivalyadhama Yoga Institute in India. Her own journey through cancer brought home the value of ancient Yogic methods and resulted in creating a unique healing, residential and online, retreat Beyond Cancer. As a result of program effectiveness and being the first of its kind, Beyond Cancer has received an influx of international recognition. Apart from India, the Beyond Cancer retreat is offered in Australia, North America and Europe, and online. Lee is recognized internationally as an expert yoga therapist in cancer care and psychosomatic chronic diseases. Lee is a passionate advocate for Yoga therapy’s place in healthcare and in the community worldwide.

In this episode we spoke about Spirituality and Yoga Therapy, a topic that is near and dear to Lee, and the subject of her new forthcoming book.