Our Level 1 Foundations in Yoga Therapy program will be held at the Ancient Yoga Center home of one of the largest Hindu Temples in the USA. Established in 1990 and open to people of all faiths, it is a center for spiritual upliftment. Situated on 200 acres of picturesque grounds in the heart of Austin TX Hill Country, the setting is beautiful and serene. The Ancient Yoga Center provides a distinctive gathering place and supportive environment for special programs. It is the perfect facility for Yoga and Meditation Retreats, Teacher Trainings, Workshops and all types of meetings. Ancient Yoga Center is located at JKP, Radha Madhav Dham, Southwest of Austin, Texas; approximately 35 minutes from the airport and 30 minutes from the downtown area. If you are arriving by air, Austin Bergstrom International Airport is 29 miles from the Ancient Yoga Center, and is serviced by all major airlines. Taxi and shuttle service is available from the airport. It is advisable to print out driving directions and map for the driver’s reference if needed.

Fall 2018/Winter 2019 Program
September 5-19, 2018 (session 1)
February 1-17, 2019 (session 2)
Download Detailed Course Outline

Fall 2019/Winter 2020 Program
September 4-18, 2019 (session 1)
January 31-February 16, 2020 (session 2)
Download Detailed Course Outline Visit The Ancient Yoga Centers website to learn more about the facilities. Tuition: $4500 EARLYBIRD DISCOUNT: Save $500 on 2019 program tuition if you register and pay in full by 5/31/19.

Accommodation choices fees are as follows, for all 4 weeks of the training:

Commuter $2015 (includes meals) Rooms with shared hall bath:
  • 1 person $3875 (includes meals)
  • 2 people $3255 (includes meals)
  • 3 people $2790 (includes meals)
Rooms with private attached bath:
  • 1 person $4185 (includes meals)
  • 2 people $3410 (includes meals)
  • 3 people $3100 (includes meals)
Healing with the Chakras with Nischala Joy Devi, Feb 11-13, 2019
We are welcoming students from outside of our full program for this special 3-day training with Nischala Joy Devi. In Healing with the Chakras Nischala Devi weaves compassionate knowledge of the physical to the intuitive wisdom of the mystical for a complete understanding of who we really are. Within us there are whirling vortices of energy, chakras. These chakras contain valuable information about the mundane as well as the subtle aspects of our every action and thought. Connected through channels that flow up and down our spines, the Chakras infuse vitality and knowledge to every facet of our being. With the stresses of everyday life, the energetic flow is often hindered. The result is lethargy, anxiety, depression or even disease. Observing and adjusting images of ourselves, we are able to release old paradigms from the subtle bodies and gain control of our very life force. As these pathways are unlocked, the pent up energy effortlessly flows, we are able to heal everything from simple ailments to the life threatening diseases. Tuition for the 3 day training is $525, meals and lodging also available for an additional fee. To register, complete the form below. For questions, contact Michele ~ or 970-946-8961.

Healing with the Chakras

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